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Music Promotion Companies that are worth it!

These days there are a ton music promotion companies that do all kinds of services to get your music out there. There are some that offer free services, but keep in mind, to get anything good done, you are gonna have to spend money. Nothing is free. Music is a business, never forget that!

Some companies offer the following services:
Email blasts-They will blast your music via email to targeted fans, or music industry people.
Radio play-They will offer you spins on radio, either internet or regular.
Streaming services- They will put your music on a streaming site.
StreetTeam services-They will pass out promotional material for you at various clubs and events.

Of course these are just a few of the many services.
One I recommend is www.airplaypromo.com. They offer great online promotion services.

Learn all you can about music publishing at www.musicpublishingonline.com

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