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5 things needed to make music a career

 The music business is not easy. Things are not free, and everything will not be handed to you, even if you are super talented. It generally takes time, money, sacrifice and more.

Expect to spend money
It takes money to make money. Expect to invest in your career. You can only get so far doing free promotion on Facebook. You may need to spend money on posters, free promo material, and much more. It is wise to hire people to pass out fliers for you too.

Know the business
Do research. Read books about the music industry. The more you know, the farther you will go. Understanding things like music publishing, music licensing, contracts, music law, and more.

This is a huge thing. You will need to sacrifice time. It may take years to build a great fan following. This means staying out late doing promotion, performing at live shows, and more. If you are married, you better have an understanding wife. If you work a full time job, music will have to take up the other half of your life. The payout in the end is that those who sacrifice, generally make it!

Touring is a must
You must tour to promote your music. This means long weekends, and late nights. You should have a decent vehicle to get around to different cities, or different states. Once you tour, you will see your fan base build up. Plus you can sell CD's, t-shirts, and more at your live gigs.

Learn to engineer
You should learn your way around a studio. This way you can be completely hands on with the mix of your music. It is important to learn what it takes to make a mix sound industry standard.
Take some classes, read some books, and learn all you can.

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