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Get multiple streams of revenue for your music

There are many ways to make money with your music. You should not just count on CD and download sales. The music industry has changed so much in recent years, which has forced artists to think outside of the box, and find new ways to make music.

Live shows: If you have a decent enough fan base, you can make good money touring the country, and playing bars and clubs.

Merch: Selling things like T-Shirts, stickers, keychains, and posters at your shows, and on your website is another good way to pull in money.

Youtube: If you film a music video for your songs, you can post it to Youtube and make money through Youtube's Ad Revenue Sharing program. If your video gets enough views, you will get a share of the ad money posted in your video.

Songwriting: Writing songs for other artists is very lucrative. You can charge a flat fee, plus get publishing credits.

License your music: Many artists find ways to license their music for use in film, TV, commercials and more. Learn more at www.musiclicensecontacts.com.

There are many more creative ways. This is just a start.

Artists and bands be sure to submit your music at these radio networks as well. www.hardcorejamz.com (Playing Hip-Hop and R&B)
www.hardcoremix.com (Rock,Pop,Country,Jazz,Electro,Gospel and more)
Submit music on either site.


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