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Top 5 things indie musicians do that keeps them local

There are many things that indie artists and bands do that completely hold them back from becoming a pretty successful national act. Here are the top 5 in my opinion.

5. Not being professional
These days there are so many indie artists and bands, you must look as professional as possible to even stand out a little bit. You need to look like you are backed by a major label. That means carrying business cards, having a nice bio and promo picture. Have printed CD's made to give out to important people and more. The days of giving out a CD-R with marker written on it is dead. Of course all of this means you need somewhat of a budget. So save up and do the right thing!

4. Not supporting other artists
Some artists these days do not want to support and mingle with other local artists. You should make nice with others. Go to their shows and show support. Plus you can pass out your own promotional material there as well. Also, by going to other artists shows, sometimes in return they will go to your shows when the time comes. They may even bring their friends. You just never know who can help you the future too. So get out and show your support.

3. Not creating relationships with the media
When releasing an album, you will want the media to review your music, do articles about you and more. If you are lucky enough to get a write up or a review, you should always thanks them by e-mail, even if it was a negative review. This will build a relationship with that person and hopefully they will remember your kindness and will be willing to review or interview for your next album release. This is really important to do!

2. Not sacrificing enough
Many artists and bands do not sacrifice enough. In other words they do not put enough time, money and energy into their music careers. You must do this if you want to make music a career. 

1. Not touring enough
Here is another one that musicians slack on. A lot of artists release an album and sit on their ass. You must get out and promote by touring and doing live shows. It is truly the best way to build up your fan base and sell your music and merchandise at the events. You cannot just keep playing the same shitty bars and local clubs. To truly make an impact, you must tour into other states.

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