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Is it worth getting a Music Business Degree?

get a music business degree
There are many schools that offer degrees in Music Business and recording. You will find that you really do not need a degree for most areas of the music industry. Although, if you want a job with a major record label, or a major publishing company, you will have a much better chance at getting the job with a degree. Think about it like this, if you were to hire someone to do a very important job at your record label, you would most likely pick someone who actually took the time to get educated in the field. Getting a music business degree will give you a better understanding on many confusing subjects such as Copyright and music marketing. It will especially give you a better understanding of music publishing. Learning the art of Audio Engineering is something to be proud of as well.
Even if you are just a manager or a label A&R, giving input  and knowing what is going on with the recording process can be very helpful! Just remember, it is hard to get a job in the music industry.
Many of them start you out as an intern with low pay. If you have the passion, then stick it out and you will become something you want to be in the music industry!

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