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Writers block sucks big time for a songwriter

We all have gone through writers block. You are trying to write a song and nothing seems to flow.
All the lyrics seem to sound bad. There are many things you can do to avoid this situation.

Put down the pen and paper
Sometimes you just need to drop the pen and come back to the song later with a fresh head.
This helps many times. Your brain can only take so much.

Listen to other music
Sometimes listening to other music with the type of subject you are working on can give you ideas.
I am not saying to plagiarize, just get ideas that you can add your own little twist on.

Call a trusted friend to help
Sometimes two heads are better than one. Call a friend to give you some ideas.

Go for a walk or a drive
Getting out and enjoying some fresh air can help. Do some people watching. Ideas can come from anywhere. You would be surprised what viewing the world can do for songs.

Try some of these ideas. I have even heard of people using rhyming dictionaries to help making words connect. It is all up to you. Once an idea hits, the words will flow like water.
Sometimes hits songs only take 20 minutes to write.

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