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Remember the time.................

I can remember a time when being a musicians was special. It is still special these days, but more so back 20 years ago. Let me explain why. Recording was expensive back then.You actually had to go to a real studio and record on 24 track tape. Of course these days everyone on earth has some type of recording software on their computer. Recording is fairly cheap now. Back then if you had a professionally record album, it was special because not everyone could afford to record, so either you were signed to some hot shot label, or you had money to record yourself. Recording was like $50/hr.

 Also, to have retail ready CD's printed up was an amazing thing as well. When you finally finished your album and you get it mastered, then to ship it off to get manufactured, it was so exciting to open the box and grab your very own CD. Shinkwrap, barcode and all. These days everyone has a CD. Plus, they cheap it out by releasing music on CD-R's with slim lined jewel cases.
Back then you had something to hold on to, something to be proud of. I swear the market is flooded today with an overflow of artists, bands, and producers. Producers who do not even know what the role of a real producer is. Now there is almost no need to have an album manufactured. All you need is to sell it digitally. Which is great for your profit margin, but you do not get that fuzzy feeling.

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