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Start a record label and give your music away FREE

A new trend starting up is artists starting an independent record label, and then giving away all the music free. The hope is they will get ultra popular giving away all the free music that they will be able to draw in huge crowds for shows and make money through promoters. They can also make money selling merchandise at shows. It sounds like a decent plan, if you can draw the crowds.
Many music industry insiders think this could be the future of the music industry.
All the free music is given away as digital downloads so you do not have to spend money to manufacture disks. The majority of music listeners today use an iPod, or an MP3 player to play and store their music libraries. Many new cars come with AUX plus in the dash so you can plug in your device as well. This could be a great business plan. Is it worth a try?

 Artists and bands be sure to submit your music at these radio networks as well. www.hardcorejamz.com (Playing Hip-Hop and R&B)
www.hardcoremix.com (Rock,Pop,Country,Jazz,Electro,Gospel and more)
Submit music on either site.


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