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Releasing singles to promote your album

The way to get the most longevity out of an album, is to strategically release singles from the album.
A label will generally release three singles from an album, along with remixes of each. It may take around a month for a single to gain momentum. Each single you release should have its own marketing plan, and music video. The singles are basically a commercial for your album.
The first single from an album is generally released a month before the album comes out. Sometimes the time may vary when it is released. I have seen labels release a single months before the actual album comes out. Once the first single is out, you should release a couple remixes of that song.
This helps get the most popularity out of the song. Once the first single starts to die down, release the second single. Have a separate marketing and promotional plan for that song too. With each single you release, you gain more interest in your whole album hopefully increasing sales.

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