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Is it even worth signing to a major label anymore?

Theses days, artists can release an independent record, and make a killing. It all depends if you have the fan base to do it. Signing to a major still has major benefits. You get a well oiled machine that includes a marketing team, publicity, clout, and deep pockets. Of course any money they front to you must be made back through your record sales. You also will get a lot less of a royalty than if you were independent. If you have the fan base, a decent budget, and the time, there is a chance you could do it all yourself. Your profit will be amazing as an indie as well.The problem is, many independent artists and bands do not have the time or know how to develop a fan base. Fans are your life line. You need them to buy your music. In the end it is all about making money so you can have a career in what you love to do. Flat out, if you do not have the time, money, or some what of a fan base, then do not quit your day job and keep doing music as a hobby or as a side job.


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