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4 things you MUST DO when releasing your album

Releasing an album correctly is not an easy task. That is why most independent artists and bands never really see any sales. There are a some things you should do that all serious artists and bands always do.It is very important to do the following:

Send in your album with the proper forms and get it copyrighted. This is important because you will then have ownership registered properly, to use your music how you want.

Register it to ASCAP/BMI
Another very important thing so you can get royalties from radio and TV play. Many independent artists skip this step because they do not understand it. Do your own research and educate yourself.

Register with Sounscan
You will need to register your bar code with Soundscan so they can track your sales. They also compile info on sales for the Billboard charts. All legit artists, bands, and records labels do this.

In order to gain new fans and sell your music, you MUST tour. Even if it just a 10 city tour in your home state. The more you tour, the more albums you will sell.

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