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The music business breakdown. What it takes to make a profit.

Music is a business. You must spend money to make money. The first thing you need is product. The product is of course a hit song that will follow into an album. Next you need a budget. How much are you willing to put into this project? Can you make that money back pretty quickly? You will have to analyze a few things such as all costs including money for recording, manufacturing, distribution, promotional materials, press kits, travel money, and more depending how far you are gonna go with it. Other costs could include shooting a video, choreographer, vocal coach, hired musicians etc.  It is all up to you, how much money you have, genre and more. Once you figure how much everything will cost, you will then need to figure how much to sell the album for. Then you can figure out how many units you will need to sell to break even, and then start to make a profit. Then you are all set.
It is all business, and you need to be sharp with it. Make sure you write a business, and financial plan.

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