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Persistance is everything in the music industry

If you want to succeed as an independent recording artist, be persistent. Now there is a fine line between being persistent, and being annoying. For example, if you are submitting your album to a newspaper for review, first call the music editor to let them know you will be sending your album, then do a follow up call or email to see if they received it. Finally, give another follow up call or email if you have not heard from them to see the status of the review. If they do not answer, leave a polite voice-mail for them. Always be courteous, but persistent. Do not call 10 times a day. That will turn anyone off. Sometimes, music industry people are so busy, they need a reminder to keep you fresh in their head. If you do get a review, always send a thank you email, even if it was a bad review.
You will get more respect that way and people will be more willing to work with you in the future.
The same thing goes for radio programmers, record label A&R, and more.


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