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Important websites musicians and bands should have their music on

As an independent musician, you will want to have your music and music videos on every important music website possible. This way you can reach as many fans as possible.
The following are great music websites that your music should be on.

This is an excellent website to have your music on. They also offer tons of tools to get your music to your fans.

www.hardcorejamz.com and www.hardcoremix.com
These are amazing music networks that have been growing it's fanbase for over 7 years.
They have a worldwide listener base, and work like internet radio so fans come to the sites to listen to music. You can submit music on either site. Hardcorejamz is for Hip-Hop and R&B, Hardcoremix is for Rock, Pop, Country, Jazz, Gospel, Reggae, Electro, Dance, and more.

You should have a music video on Youtube. The possibilities are endless on potential fan reach.
If you do not have the money for a well produced music video, then create your own by putting a slide show of pictures together over your music. Be sure to add a link to where to buy your album.

This is for Hip-Hop artists. This is an amazing website to get your mixtape featured on. It is a very popular website that gets tons of traffic. Fans can download your mixtape from the site.

Myspace is doing a huge re-launch. Now is the time to get back on the site and make sure you have your new music up. It is still a fairly popular website.

This website is for music lovers to go so they can discover new music. It is a large directory of different artists from all genres of music. To get listed on this site, go to the website and click "submit music", then follow the directions. Quick and easy to do.

With this website, you can build your own artist or band site, sell music, sell merchandise and more

This is another great website you can join and upload your music. They get a ton of traffic and you get real fans listening to your music.


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