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Are you marketing and promoting your music to the right people?

One mistake independent musicians make is who they promote to. The key is to promote to music listeners who have nothing to do with the music industry. Many of us promote to other musicians. Which is not the people you want to promo to. Do not get me wrong, other musicians do listen to and buy music, but it is a small percentage of the market. Also, other musicians are just trying to promote their own music so they tend to not even look at other artists music. The way to market to non-industry people is to think outside the box. Get reviewed and interviewed in newspapers, magazines, and web blogs. Shoot a creative music video that has potential to go viral, and put it on YouTube, and other video sites. Pay for ad space on websites and blogs that cater to music listeners.
That is another thing indie artists do not understand, you are gonna have to pay for good advertising.
Independent musicians tend to think everything should be free and artists should never pay for anything. This is far from the truth. Major record labels pay for ads all the time and when you are independent, you are essentially your own record label. You have to spend money to make money. You can only get so far with free promotion. Also, get on as much radio sites as possible. Radio is and has always been key to selling albums.

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