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5 questions indie musicians should ask themselves

There are many things independent musicians should question so they can create and maintain a successful career. Here are the top 5 questions you should ask yourself.

Who is my market?
Who are you marketing your music to? What age group do you want to reach? These are things you should know and understand. Once you know the answer, you can push your album hard.

What is my image?
You need to know what type of image you want to portray to your fans. Are you a straight up entertainer with a funky style? Are you a singer/songwriter type who is clean cut? Are you a wild party type person? Fans relate more to someone who knows who they are, rather than someone still trying to find themselves. This also helps with the subject matter of your music type as well.

Is the team around me trustworthy?
Take a good look at who you have handling your business. Do they have your best interest in mind?
Many people tend to use family members to handle things. This is not always a smart idea. It is better to use a pro who will not take advantage of your situation.

Is my music "industry" quality?
Is your music up to par? Be honest with yourself. Is the music as good or not better than anything out today? Is it mixed and mastered properly? People are used to a certain sound, you need to get the industry mixed sound. Today's music is mixed and mastered a certain way.

Am I ready to sacrifice?
Being a successful musicians/recording artist requires you to sacrifice time, family, friends, sleep, money, and much more. Are you ready for that commitment? To make music a career, you must be ready to do all you can to bring in the money!

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