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Do you have what it takes to start a record label?

Starting your own record label can be a ton of work and money. You need money to pay for recording, manufacturing, distribution, promotional materials, advertising, copyright fees, travel fees, mailing costs, and more. You will need a small team to help you do all these things as well.
It is smart to have a street team to help pass out promotional materials as well. You must also register your business with the state you reside in. You should also trademark your business name and logo.
It is a constant battle owning your own record label. You will always be fighting for concert spots, radio play, video play, and more. Be prepared to be on the phone talking to program directors and concert promoters among others. It will be fun, but will for sure have it's ups and downs.
There is a ton of competition these days. Recording has become so affordable with computers that anyone can make a song. The difference will be between those who can actually make a good song that is catchy and relate to people.

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