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UPC and ISRC codes for your music

If you plan on selling your music on CD and or digital download, you will need both a UPC barcode and an ISRC code. The UPC is found on the back of a CD and is scanned when bought at a store. It represents the whole CD. The code is also used for a full digital download of a whole CD. They are used to track sales information for not only stores, but Soundscan uses UPC scans to compile the Billboard charts. ISRC codes are used to track sales of individual tracks when they are downloaded.
If you want Soundscan to track your sales, you will need to register both a UPC and ISRC with them.
You can apply for your own exclusive ISRC code from the RIAA. You can apply for your own barcode from the UCC. Of course this costs money. An easier way to do this is if you work with a music distributor who will automatically issue both codes when they distribute your music.


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