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Five microphones every studio should have

If you have your own recording studio, you should have several microphones in arms reach for different situations and vocalists. Here are some "must have" microphones.

AKG C 414 XL 2
This is a wonderful mic to have for vocals and instruments. It has 9 switchable pick up patterns to fit any situation.

Shure SM 57
This microphone has been around for years and is awesome for instruments. If you have an acoustic guitar or a flute player come in to record, then this microphone is perfect. They are great for drums as well. You should keep a few of these on hand. Is is built solid too. People have even used it for recording vocals with great results.

Audio Technica AT2035
This is a large diaphragm Condenser microphone that is superb on vocals. The price is low as well.

Neumann U87
If you have the money, this is a classic mic to own. Neumann is used in world class studios all over the world and is built to last. The sound is so clear and unmatched.

Shure Beta 52A
This is a wonderful mic to have for kick drums and other loud, bass style instruments.
The price cannot be beat. Great quality mic used by national acts everywhere.

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