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What it takes to get a record deal these days

It is much harder to get a major record deal these days. Labels feel like they are losing money because of illegal downloading, and putting too much money into failed acts. They really want an artist who is pretty much established. To record labels, an artist is an investment that they must make money on. They want someone who can record themselves. They need an artist or band that has sold a decent amount of music already. Someone who has established a large online following, and who can sell out shows. Pretty much the days of sending in a demo are gone. It is like hitting the lottery if you get signed. The music industry is all about money. They are hardly willing to put money into developing an unknown artist anymore. The question becomes, if you can already sell units, sell out shows, and have a large following, why would you need a major label anymore?

Artists and bands be sure to submit your music at these radio networks as well.
www.hardcorejamz.com (Playing Hip-Hop and R&B)
www.hardcoremix.com (Rock,Pop,Country,Jazz,Electro,Gospel and more)
Submit music on either site.


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