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What does SoundExchange Do?

SoundExchange is a performance rights organization that collects royalties due on "public performances" for the recording artist. It differs from ASCAP and BMI because they collect for composers and songwriters. So basically, SoundExchange collects for the people who actually recorded the music, and sang the song. You can be a member of ASCAP and SoundExchange at the same time. So if you wrote the song and are the singer, then you should join both societies. Same for BMI as well. The breakdown on the money collected is 50% of the royalty on each track goes to the performers or artists on the sound recording – 45% to the main recording artist and 5% to the session musicians and back up singers on that track. The other 50% of the royalties on each track goes to the owner of the master recording, which might be a record label or an independent musician.
SoundExchange will collect royalties if your song is used on Satellite Radio, Internet Radio like Pandora, on Cable TV music stations, and other general streaming music services.
It is well worth it to sign up. There is a ton of unpaid royalties for artists who have never signed up to collect their money. Check it out at http://www.soundexchange.com.


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