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MXL V69 Tube Microphone

This is a wonder tube microphone. It is excellent for recording vocals and acoustic instruments. It has a warm sound and an a wide dynamic range. I bought this a few days ago. The price was right.
I was happy to see it came with a shock-mount and is all in a nice sturdy case. Of course I had to try it on a vocalist first. It made the recording clear as a bell. It also brought out some nice warm tones.
Once I added a bit of compression, then some EQ, and it sounded amazing. MXL has really become a solid company for microphones. When I was in school for studio recording, our professor used to tell us that MXL microphones are just as good as some really expensive microphones. He was right.
It is frankly a beautiful microphone. The gold plated grill looks amazing.
It sells for $300 at Guitar Center. Click the link below for exclusive deals.
Online Only Price Drops at GuitarCenter.com!

Here are the facts:
Internally wired and supplied with Mogami cables
Vintage Tube Sound
25mm (1") large capsule condenser
Complete microphone system with Mogami 7-pin and XLR Cables
12 AT7 type tube
24 carat gold plated grille
Durable brass enclosure
Supplied with carrying case

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