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Keep your fans in the know to stay relevant

In the music industry, you do not want to be forgotten. You must stay relevant. It is really important to keep your fans up to date on what is going on. Link your Twitter to Facebook so all Tweets will post on your Facebook page. Not everyone likes Twitter so you will be including your Facebook users with every important announcement. You should also have a website. On your website have your Twitter feed on it. Make sure you update the site with any news, music, and concert dates.
Offer contests to your fans where the winner gets a signed CD. Try to release an album once a year. This way there is not too much down time in between things. Fans love new music. Also, think about releasing remixes of songs to keep your fans happy. You should also have a YouTube account. You can release exclusive videos to your fans. The videos can be of you in the studio, exclusive shows and much more. The possibilities are endless. The key is to stay fresh in the minds of fans.


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