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Do not be afraid to use pan when recording

The pan knob is a very important part of recording and mixing. Pan is short for "pan pot" which  stands for Panoramic Potentiometer. It is basically a stereo controlling knob. You can make sounds go to only the left ear or the right ear. You can make some really cool stereo effects in your recordings. Try using it with vocals. Do not use it on your main vocal track, but try it on backing vocal tracks or "ad lib" tracks. Record two backing tracks and pan one to the left and one to the right for an amazing vocal effect. You can use it on percussion, guitar, and just about any sound you want. Experiment and see what sounds best. The result will sound spectacular in headphones. You can also use it to fatten the sound of an instrument. Try recording two different tracks of the same instrument, then pan each one left and right. It will widen the instrument and sound so much heavier. Remember, do not over-do it. Too much is a bad thing.

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