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What major labels want to see in an indie musician

Major record labels do not want to spend a lot of money on artist development anymore. It has been this way for years now. They want an independent artist that is well polished already. Someone who has done a majority of the work for them and all that artist needs is major marketing and promotion with the deep pockets of a major label. There is a misconception out there. I have been hearing from other artists that major labels are looking at how popular you are on the internet and how many "likes" you have. Although this is somewhat true, it is not always the case. See major labels have become wise to indie artists faking their "likes" online. Many indie recording artists do the whole "like for a like" deal with other indie artists in an attempt to falsely raise their status online. When you do this, you are really not gaining any true fans. Labels know that it is other musicians who probably have not even listened to your music, that are doing the "likes". The true thing they look at to see if you have a following is if you can sell out your own live shows. If you are pulling in crowds at concert venues, you must have a decent following. They also want to see independent sales. If people are paying to buy your single, you must have a following. Major labels look at the Billboard indie charts to see who is doing well. So if your product is selling, they will know. That is why it is important to not just release free mixtapes all the time. It may get you some fans, but there is no real documentation of what is selling. Put out mixtapes and real independent albums that have a barcode and are registered with Soundscan. So if you can draw crowds at live shows and are selling product, then they will also check your online status. Just remember, all the Facebook "likes" and Youtube views can be faked. So do not put all your energy into that. Focus on building a real fan base through grass roots marketing and internet combined. It will pay off in the end.

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