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What it takes to promote your music these days

Promoting your music these days is a lot different than it was 20 years ago. Things have gotten much cheaper to do and with the internet, it is much easier to get your music heard to tons of potential fans.

Here are things that you should be doing in order to make music a career:

Social Media- Take full advantage of Twitter and Facebook. Get as many followers as you can without being considered spam. At your live shows, have a small table set up and have a friend there giving away full color post cards with info about your website and your Twitter URL so people can follow you. Also, try and get fans to give you their email address and create a huge email list so you can do email marketing with your music.

Video- It is much cheaper to shoot a music video these days. Either hire someone to film and edit it, or if you have the money and skills, buy a decent camera and buy movie editing software and do it all yourself. After the video is done, put it up on Youtube and distribute the link on your website and all your social media sites.

Digital Distribution- It is much easier to get your new album out to fans worldwide. There are many services that will help you get your music on every major retail outlet online.

The digital age is upon us and is not leaving. The CD is going to be obsolete as a way to distribute music before you know it. Streaming music is the future. With services like Pandora and cloud storage, people will no longer have to worry about storing music on a device. It will all be on a cloud and it will be streamed. The future of the music industry will be amazing. Take advantage.

Do not forget to submit your music to these two radio networks.
www.hardcorejamz.com (Playing Hip-Hip and R£B)
www.hardcoremix.com (Playing Rock, Pop, Country, Gospel, Jazz, Electro and more)
Both have worldwide listener bases and you can submit your music on the site by clicking the submit music link.


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