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It is a music producer and songwriters market now

If you want to make some serious money in the music industry, you would benefit from either producing tracks for other artists, writing songs for other artists, or both. Producers will generally get a flat fee and then they will get some publishing points for the song. That means they get a small percentage of what the publishing money will be through ASCAP or BMI from radio spins, television and movie licensing and more. A songwriter works generally the same way but they get songwriting points through ASCAP or BMI. Artists are always in need of music or lyrics. Some people are just songwriters. They write songs and a publishing company will find artists that will record their song, and the publishing company gets a piece of the money. The money can be a staggering amount if you have a major artists with a hit record on the radio. Publishing money from radio alone can generate a songwriter half a million dollars for a popular song. Music producers can also make good money licensing instrumentals for use in TV, movies and more.

License your music for use in movies. Film makers always need music for in the film and for the soundtrack. Especially indie film companies. This new E-book lists over 85 film production companies and their contact info that have movies in
Pre-Production. http://www.musiclicensecontacts.com/
Excellent for producers with instrumentals too.
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