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How to write a press release about your music

Getting press is very important when releasing an album. You will want to get a review, a small mention, or if you are lucky enough, a full interview. Start with every local and regional newspaper in your state then expand from there. You will want to write a press release. This is a summary of the news you are trying to spread. It will list who, what, where and when. Look in the newspapers and local magazines you are trying to get press in. Look to see if they have an entertainment or music section. If they do, look to see who the entertainment editor is. Get their info and call them or email them. Ask them if you can send them your press release by fax or email. If they like what they see, they will contact you. If you do not hear back within a week, do a follow up call. If you happen to get a mention or review of your music, be sure to send them a thank you email even if it was a negative review. Show them you can take criticism and they will be more likely to work with you on future album releases. Be sure to have copies of your CD and press kit ready to send to people if they want to do a review, mention or interview. A press kit is basically a folder with your bio, an 8by10 photo, and CD packed inside. These days many musicians are also using digital press kits, these are great but not all newspapers and reporters will want them. Have both kinds ready and ask them which they prefer, a digital press release or a fax. This is very important to do and shows you are a pro for sure.
Below is link to an example to a press release that a musician made telling the press of a live show he is doing. This will give you an idea of how it should look.

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