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How to get the most out of your computer when recording

Most music these days is recorded digitally on a computer. You need to have a fairly stable system and lots of ram and drive space to do this. Most Mac computers are perfect for the job and will be optimized out of the box for recording. A PC is just as good but you may need to upgrade some things on it to get the most out of it. When running software like Pro Tools, you need a lot of CPU power so be prepared. As far as memory, you will need as much as possible. They say at least 2GB for smooth recording. You should also have at least two hard drives. The main one for hosting your operating system and music software, and another to save your files. This will make the main hard drive have more free space and will help it run more efficiently. Also, you should only use your music computer for recording only. No internet! The internet could give you unwanted viruses and unwanted spyware that take up precious power and space. Finally, always back up your work on a separate drive or burn files to DVD regularly. So make sure your digital audio workstation is powerful with at least two hard drives and tons of RAM.

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