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Get your music in video games

Another excellent way to make money from your music is to get it placed in video games. You have to keep an eye open on what companies need music. Many smaller game developers get their music done in house with their own producers. Still, there are many large companies and small ones that look for new and emerging artists. They are always on the look out for Indie Rock, Dance, Electro, and Hip-Hop. The best way to find companies looking for music is to look in trade magazines and industry blogs. Also, Craigslist will sometimes list opportunities. There are also websites out there where you can create an account and upload your music for licensing opportunities. Try and find a website with a solid track record of getting placements. It is not an easy thing to get your music licensed, but if you keep trying, it will happen. Do not give up.

License your music for use in movies. Film makers always need music for in the film and for the soundtrack. Especially indie film companies. This new E-book lists over 85 film production companies and their contact info that have movies in Pre-Production. http://www.musiclicensecontacts.com/
Excellent for producers with instrumentals too.


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