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Finding your own style as a recording artist in music

You must find your own voice as a recording artist. Many new independent artists tend to sound like other popular artists that are currently with a major label. You must find your own sound and style that defines you. It may take time, but it will come to you. If you continue to sound like other artists, you will not be successful. It is normal to admire your favorite artist and many of us tend to migrate to their style in the beginning, just keep in mind that you need to find yourself. Practice your vocal delivery in different ways. Push yourself to the limit and do not be afraid to push boundaries with your style and sound. Look at all the major superstars in music, they have become that way because not only are they hard workers, they also do things that are extreme or shocking. Lady GaGa is talented and shocking and extreme with her style. Eminem is shocking with his lyrics, Kanye West is extreme with his persona and so on. Just choose what makes you feel comfortable and push it to the limit with style and talent. Even if you are a music producer. Look at Timbaland. He become a mega producer because he was extreme with his production style. He had cutting edge drum patterns and he would add unique sounds into his songs. Just take your time and practice and you will find your own unique style and delivery as a recording artist or producer.

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