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Is there a need for a major record label anymore?

These days it seems that it is much easier to run your own indie record label. All you need is talent, a studio, digital distribution, and money. If you have talent and make good quality songs, then you are set for that part. Having a home studio is very affordable. Anyone can get a decent set up in their home for around $1,000. Of course you should know how to record and mix. Not anyone can just mix a song. You need some knowledge and a good ear to do that. Once your album is recorded, all you need is distribution. Digital distribution is simple to achieve. There are companies you can pay to get your music on every digital outlet out there such as itunes, Amazon and more. You also need to have a decent budget to work with for promotion. So basically, if you have true talent, money and a studio, you can release your own albums. Just remember, you MUST have talent and a fan base to be able to truly make a living off of music. You also must have time. Time to travel and do as many live shows as possible. It takes a lot but it is possible to make money without a major label.

Do not forget to submit your music to these two radio networks.
www.hardcorejamz.com (Playing Hip-Hip and R£B)
www.hardcoremix.com (Playing Rock, Pop, Country, Gospel, Jazz, Electro and more)
 Both have worldwide listener bases and you can submit your music on the site by clicking the submit music link.


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