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Is the commercial recording studio dead?

Independent musicians can easily afford a decent recording set up these days. You can easily buy a nice little Pro Tools studio with monitors, mic, and more for a couple thousand dollars or less. This makes the expensive $50 an hour commercial studios a thing of the past for an indie musician. The only thing you may need them for is the experience they bring with their studio engineers. Many indie musicians are either teaching themselves how to record and mix, or taking classes on it. All of this definelty has cut down on the need for big time, overpriced studios. They still do have a purpose in the recording industry. Especially for recording huge bands that need 20 inputs for drums, guitar and more. Also, most pro recording facilities have the most expensive mics and mic pre-amps in the world. Like I said before, they also have really experienced mixing engineers and mastering engineers. So both scenarios have a purpose and it all depends on your budget and needs.

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