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Neumann U87 Condenser Microphone

The Neumann U87 is a world class microphone that gives vocals a very warm and pleasant sound. You can use it as an omnidirectional, cardioid, or figure-8 pattern. I am very fortunate to own one of these and I must say it is worth the money. The clarity of vocal recordings it puts out is truly amazing. It comes with a shock-mount, wind screen and wooden box. Of course you can also record instruments with it but vocals is where it clearly stands out. It is priced at around $3600 at Guitar Center. Use the link below for exclusive deals.
Online Only Price Drops at GuitarCenter.com!

Here are the facts:
10dB attenuation switch
127dB SPL handling
20Hz to 20kHz response
Impedance rated at 200 ohms. I

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