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You must have a budget to succeed in music

I hear all the time of independent musicians complaining because they think everything should come free to them. Not everything is free in the music industry. Even major label artists are paying one way or another. Major labels have to pay for promotion, development, printing, faxing and just about anything else you can think of. Guess what? They eventually want that money recouped from the artists records sales. So if you are an indie artist, you are basically your own record label, so you have to have a budget. You must invest in yourself. Stop complaining and look at the big picture! Say there is an artist showcase coming up and you have to pay to be on it. Take a look at the big picture. Sure you may have to pay to perform, but will it bring you a decent amount of exposure, possible fans and networking opportunities? If so then it is totally worth it. Just look at the track record of who you are dealing with and take it from there. If things look legit, then invest in YOURSELF! These days artists feel like they should never have to pay for any kind of radio play. Guess what? It is no big deal. Most Internet radio has already gone to pay for guaranteed spins. Again, look at the track record of the company, if it will help you in the end, then take advantage. You have to spend money to make money. Just do it wisely and look at the big picture. Music is a business. If you do not treat it like a business, then it is just your hobby. Everyone is looking to make money out here. Honestly, I respect an artist more who is willing to pay to expand his or her career compared to the ones that complain about it and do not get anything accomplished.It weeds out the ones who are serious compared to the ones who are not. Everything costs money in the beginning. Until you are selling at least 100,000 units and selling out places, expect to have to invest in yourself. And when you are that big of a deal, expect to still have to pay in the back end. Your life will just be more comfortable in general because you will have a team to take care of everything.


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