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Should you sell your own tickets to perform?

Some clubs and venues force artists and bands to sell a certain amount of tickets to be able to perform at their venue. How many tickets you sell will generally decide what time you will go on stage as well. Many artists hate this. Although it does kinda suck, it can be very beneficial to you. These clubs do this because they want to make sure an indie band or artist is gonna pull in fans to the show so they can make money. Imagine if a club booked four indie bands that had no following, the place would be empty. If you think about it, if you are a fairly popular band or artist, you should have no problem selling tickets to your fans. You can sell them on your website or get a street team member to go out and sell them for you. Plus, you generally will make a bit of money with each ticket sold. If you do not have the fan base as of yet, then selling your own tickets can be hard and I understand why it would suck. Just think of it from the clubs point of view and start building your fan base. If you cannot sell tickets then stick to clubs that do not force you to do it. Just understand why they do it!

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