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How to EQ Hi Hats

Hi hats can give your song that extra "bounce" it may need. EQ a hi hat correctly and it could really give your music an amazing vibe. Every genre uses hi hats. It is something that is in the background of the song but without it, drums would sound bare. The following are some general settings for EQ'ing hi hats.
If you boost 10Khz a little bit, it will bring brightness to your hats. Boost around 5Khz to add some sparkle to any cymbal or hi hat. If you want a crispy hi hat, boost a little at 16Khz. I will generally add a bit of compression to my hi hats as well. It will make them stand out a bit more. Also, do not be afraid to use a bit of delay or reverb to your cymbals and hi hats. Use your ears and imagination!

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  1. Most importantly I would like to know what frequencies to kill. :)


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