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Get creative with your recording and mixing

The more creative you are when recording and mixing a song, the more professional it will sound. Do not be afraid to use reverb and panning. For instance, pan any vocal dub tracks into the right and left ear for a cool effect. Do the same with hi-hats and cymbals. Add slight reverb to snares and hats. Also add a little but to your vocals for more presence in the song. Try doubling your kick drum to make it stand out more in the track. Piano, horns and guitar could all benefit from a little reverb. Do not be afraid to experiment with different percussion sounds as well. Toms can add a certain flavor to a song. Another thing to experiment is delay. This only works with certain things without sounding too corny. I always like a bit of delay on vocals and piano. Not too much. Use your ears and play around.


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