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The benefits of having a manager for your music career

As any independent artist knows, it can be rough doing everything on your own. If there is one person you should hire, it should be a manager. Not only can they manage simple things about your career, it will also make you look more professional because someone is representing you. That means someone thinks you are talented enough to make them want to be a part of your team. A manager can wear many hats. They can manage your live shows by booking venues and collecting money, they can set up interviews for you, they can help get together song writers, producers and engineers if needed and more. Of course if you are making money, you will have to pay your management. This is something that is negotiable that you can draw up in a contract.
Having someone doing the little things will free you up to record and promote. Be sure to hire someone who is trustworthy. It would be very smart to NOT hire family and friends. They may not always have your best interest in mind. Find someone with a track record and that is not a friend or family. It will be to your benefit.

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