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Take advantage of internet radio and college radio

As you know, it is not always easy getting regular rotation on a commercial radio station. They have a certain playlist and advertising dollars to worry about. So only major artists are gonna make the cut.
This is why you should take advantage of getting radio play on internet radio and college radio.
They are a bit more relaxed with their playlist and most are willing to play local artists and independent recording artists. Both formats have large listener bases as well. They are also more in tuned with what the people want to hear because they are not bogged down by cooperate rules. Start calling the college stations in your area and talk to the program directors. You will see they are much more friendly. Be sure to have a professional bio, press kit and CD ready to go.
As far as internet radio goes, a good place to start is www.hardcorejamz.com radio and www.hardcoremix.com radio. Both have large audiences and are wonderful music networks.

www.hardcorejamz.com plays Hip-Hop and R&B and www.hardcoremix.com plays Rock, Pop, Country, Jazz, Gospel, Electro and everything in between.


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