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Does age play a role in the music industry?

Does age play a role in becoming a successful recording artist? The answer can go both ways. If you are looking to get signed to a major record deal, then a record label will generally want a younger person. It also depends on the genre. For new recording artists in Hip-Hop, they will generally want a younger artist. The Hip-Hop generation is a younger mans game. The exception is established artists who already have a solid fan base and that had popularity in the past. For Rock, Country and other genres, labels still tend to go for younger artists, although it may be a bit more accepted for an older newbie to get in and become successful.
If you are an independent recording artist then it may not matter a much. Of course it would help if you are a young person. The younger you are, the more years you have to become established with a financially successful music career. Although, if you are an indie artist, you call the shots. You can be 45 years old and release your own album. If you can get the fan base, go for it. It is generally better to have age on your side. Work hard young and relax in your older age.

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