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Do not be afraid to use a little reverb when recording vocals

If you want to bring some life to your vocals, then add a touch of reverb. Many recording artists, especially in Hip-Hop, do not like any processing on their vocals. They just want them dry. Do not be afraid to experiment. You would be surprised at how much life your vocals will have by adding just a touch of reverb. It does not have to be much. Just enough to give them a bit of vibe. Try it out. Another thing to use a bit of reverb on is instruments. Put a tiny bit on a snare. Add some to your piano riffs. You will find it brings your whole mix to life and it will sound bigger than life. I must caution, do not overdo it. Too much reverb can make you sound like an 80's Rock band. So experiment with just a bit that will blend in perfectly with the rest of your mix.

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