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Adam Audio A7X Powered Studio Monitor

If you are looking for excellent nearfield studio monitors, then look no further. These monitors are amazing, each driver has its own amplifier. It also has a sub-woofer and a mid-woofer. These are magnificent for mixing. They do well with any genre from Hip-Hop to Classical. Every frequency comes through crystal clear. The bass response is solid but not extra heavy. You cannot beat the quality. They are around $700 each at Guitar Center. Use the link below to get an exclusive deal.
Online Only Price Drops at GuitarCenter.com!

Here are the facts:
Excels at nearfield monitoring
Equipped with the X-ART tweeter and a large (7") midwoofer
50W A/B tweeter amplifier
100W PWM midwoofer amplifier
Upper corners slanted to minimize reflections
Large, double bass reflex tubes ±4dB gain for the high frequencies
Two shelf filters for the high and low frequencies
XLR (balanced) and RCA (unbalanced) connectors

Artists and bands be sure to submit your music at these radio networks.
www.hardcorejamz.com (Playing Hip-Hop and R&B)
www.hardcoremix.com (Rock,Pop,Country,Jazz,Electro,Gospel and more)
Submit music on either site.


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