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What NOT to do when marketing your image as a recording artist

I see so many artists doing the wrong thing when trying to market themselves as legitimate recording artists. First off, your name is a huge deal. You want something catchy and simple.

Never do the following.

aCemAn JoNEs -- Do not do the lower case and upper case in the name thing. It is not pretty and looks very unprofessional. It can be confusing to remember as well.

Slim Jones AKA Jones Mac AKA J Mac-- Do  not do the AKA thing. Too many names can be confusing.

The Charlie Mac and James Honcho Country Band -- Do not have a name that is too long.

Keep things simple and you will be easier to remember. Now a logo is another important thing. If you want a logo to accompany your name, then make it eye catching and not too large.

It is also important to just be yourself. Too many recording artists are so fake with their image. It is too much fake entertainment. Be someone everyone can relate too.

The music industry is a very tricky beast. You have got to be original to stand out.

Do not get me wrong, sometimes the crazy image works for like a Lady Gaga type of artist. Just keep in mind, her image was planned and is maintained by her team of professional marketers and promoters and publicists so they know what they are doing.

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