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Tascam DP 24 Track Digital Portastudio

Tascam always makes a solid and wonderful product. I remember in the early 90's having a Tascam 4 Track recorder. I used it so much. The sound was great for back then and it was a well built machine with many features. Well, the new Tascam DP-24 24 Track Portastudio is an amazing alternative to regular software and computer based digital audio workstations. It has a large LCD screen, channel strips and more. I like having actual faders to work with instead of just mixing in the software. There are plenty of inputs including 8 mic inputs that are also combined with XLR jacks. There are some effects built in if you need them like compression and it has a guitar amp simulator so you can plug in and play without the need of a separate amp.
Once you record and mix your song, you can use the mastering effect and then transfer it to a computer via USB, or you can write them directly to CD with the built in CD burner. I must say that these put out great sounding recordings. They may not be as good as Pro Tools when it comes to editing and effects, but it gets the job done and it does it well. You can buy it at Guitar Center for $800.
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Here are the facts:
Eight microphone inputs on combo XLR-1/4” jacks with phantom power
Up to eight-track simultaneous recording at 48kHz/24-bit audio resolution
Solid-state recording to SD Card media for better shock resistance than hard drive recording
Instrument-level input for direct recording of guitar or bass
Dedicated controls for EQ, pan and effect sends
Multiple effects processors for input processing, guitar amp simulation and mastering
Virtual tracks for alternate takes and undo
CD-RW drive for mixdown and backup
Built-in chromatic tuner and metronome
MIDI input and output for clocking and control
¼” Monitor outputs, effect send outs and headphone output

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