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Should you Copyright your songs?

I know many recording artists who do not properly Copyright their music. See, here is the truth about Copyrighting music. Once you write lyrics, music or lyrics and music together, you automatically own the Copyright on it. By law you are the person who has the rights to use it. Now the reason why you should get a Copyright with the U.S. Copyright office is to protect you in case you had to go to court. Yes, you own the Copyright automatically, but it is a rock solid case if you had it registered. Now it does cost a little bit of money to do this. It is $35 per song. The cool part is that you can Copyright a "compilation" of songs for $35. So that means you could take your full album and Copyright the whole thing for one fee. Producers could also Copyright a "compilation" of like 10 instrumentals for one fee.Well worth the price of knowing you are protected because you never know.

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