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Is Pro Tools 10 worth buying?

Many people are wondering, is Pro Tools worth buying? Is Pro Tools 10 worth upgrading to?
Well, the company that released Pro Tools 10 which is Avid, decided to release it less than a year after Pro Tools 9 came out. The new Pro Tools does have some wonderful new additions such as "Clip Gain", new plug-ins, and a faster loading system. It is more powerful and clearly the best program for music recording and production. For new users, the new Pro Tools is pretty user friendly and with a little know how, you can jump right in and begin recording, editing and mixing. For those with older versions of Pro Tools, it may not be worth the upgrade right now. Especially if you just bought Pro Tools 9. I would wait to upgrade until the next one. Unless you have the money to blow and really want to stay up on things.
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