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How To Get Your Music Licensed

You would be surprised how many people do not understand how to get their music licensed. I am going to break it down as simply as possible. When you license a song, you are giving that person the rights to use that song. You can charge a flat fee and also get publishing money on the back end. Let's say I had a song called "Sweet Body". MTV calls and wants to use that song for a new reality show they are working on. MTV would give me X amount of dollars for the rights, then I would get a fee from ASCAP or BMI (Performance rights organizations) each time the episode is shown. That is basically how it works. It is pretty much the same for movies too. Just make sure your song is copy-written and registered with ASCAP or BMI. Now some people just do instrumentals strictly for TV and movies. With that you just name your instrumental like you would any other song, copyright it and register it with ASCAP or BMI and it is all set to be licensed. You do not have to copyright each individual song or instrumental you have. You can have a compilation of instrumentals or a full album copyrighted for one fee and all songs are protected under law in that compilation or album. Just go to the United States Copyright office for more info. So that is pretty much how music licensing works.

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