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What is music publishing?

Many indie musicians have no idea about music publishing. It is a confusing subject. I will try to simply it as much as possible. First, the publishing rights are the rights to use a song. Publishing money gets split in 2. The writer gets 50%, and the publisher gets 50%. If you wrote and performed your own song, then you own both halves. If you work with a publishing company, then you would write the song and the publishing company would find use for that song such as finding an artist to record it. The publisher would then get the 50% publishing share. So you may be wondering how publishing makes money. Well, whenever a song gets played on the radio, used in a movie, used on TV, or appears on an album, it generates income. It is pretty simple.
Once you write and or record a song, you automatically own the writing and publishing to it unless there are others involved. Publishing is a subject you learn more about as you experience situations with it.

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