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How do I start an indie record label?

A record label is basically a business that releases music by artists they sign for profit. Starting a label is pretty easy, the hard part is how much of a budget you have to promote the artists. The more you can promote, the more potential fans you can reach and in turn they buy your music. Many artists start off by forming their own label to release their own music. If they are successful with their own music, they then sign other acts.
To get a label started you need to first think of a name. Once you have a name you need to register a domain name for your website, then register with the state as a business. If the name is already taken then think of another one. You can see if the names are already taken when you register the domain and with the state. Eventually you may want to Trademark the name worldwide if you are successful enough.
You should also create an eye catching logo for your label. Something that will stick in the minds of people. Think about what genre your label will focus on and how you want the labels image to be. This is all a part of marketing. Think about who your potential fans will be and  the style of music you will be releasing. Where do these fans hang out ect. Do research and figure out who your potential buyers will be.

You will need to figure out how you want your albums distributed. Do you want to do all digital releases? This is probably the cheapest way to go since there are no CD manufacturing costs. If you decide to sell both digital downloads and CD's then you will need to consider cash flow for pressing up copies to ship to distributers.

You should write out a business plan. This is basically an outline of  your goals to running your business. You can revise it as needed. You will need a business plan if you want to try and get a business loan from a bank to start your record label. This is just the basics of what you need to get started. There is a ton more involved to be successful. Recording, promotion, touring are huge steps to get potential buyers.


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